Cathryn Wallace Thomas Ceramics

Tulsa, OK   74120


2012 Tulsa World, February 19:  Driven, The Artist, Mike Simons



I have the pleasure of spending my time teaching and making art, and teaching and performing music.  I am currently teaching art and music in a small school system to students in grades PreK through 8. I also work in the studio sculpting clay and throwing on the wheel.  I draw and explore and am inspired by the natural forms I see in my everyday contact with the outdoors.  I have worked as an adjunct instructor of art teaching ceramics, drawing and fundamentals of art.  For many years I was an orchestral musician and played the flute in both orchestras in my city. I continue to teach flute and piano lessons in my home studio. 






Cathryn Thomas Feb 2012 Interview with Tulsa World Photographer Mike Simons