Cathryn Wallace Thomas Ceramics

Tulsa, OK   74120


2012 Tulsa World, February 19:  Driven, The Artist, Mike Simons

Artist Statement

My work is an ongoing dialogue between my experiences in the natural world that affect me - mind, body and soul -and trying to capture those experiences.  My goal is to recreate the engagement I feel with the natural world.  Gesture is a significant element for me in experiencing and expressing this engagement, showing response to inner and outer influences: tree branches and trunks in response to wind, weather and aging; the human form in response to life events and experiences.  


My work addresses natural forms: trees, flowers, leaves and seeds, as well as human forms: hands and the figure.  I use red clay for my connection with the earth of central Oklahoma where I grew up exploring the countryside.  I use natural elements as a metaphor for life cycles: seeds and pods, changing leaves and trees in different stages of growth or decay.  These forms reflect not only the year's time of the plant cycle, but the lifetime of the human cycle as well.  The cycle is expressed in shape, form and surface.  In using these rhythms and surfaces I address issues of aging and change.  Through the use of repetition of form - and the inevitable interruption  - I address the response to change and challenge, and show how strength and beauty can come from that response.